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  • Огласи Огласи за работа

    For almost 20 years Telescope have supported our clients on a vast number of IT projects in Sweden. Our international consultant pool consists of engineers within the fields of automotive, embedded systems, telecommunications, online solutions, BI and application development.

  • Academic Honesty at Gimnazija Kranj

    Academic Honesty at Gimnazija Kranj. Gimnazija Kranj respects intellectual property and supports the effort of the humanity for respecting the ideas and work of authors worldwide. According to the IB Diploma Programme academic honesty principles and Zakon o avtorskih in drugih pravicah (1995) we encourage our students to be openminded and ...

  • Original Contribution TECHNOLOGIZED EDUCATIONAL ...

    TOSHKOVA – HRISTOZOVA SL. 311 Trakia Journal of Sciences, Vol. 11, № 3, 2013 students entering MU Plovdiv have degree from medical school. perception and speech prod

  • RUL - Sensitivity Analysis of HDM-4 Pavement Deterioration ...

    Občutljivost HDM-4 modelov propadanja vozišč je sicer že prikazana v dokumentaciji HDM-4 paketa, a zgolj na kvalitativnem nivoju. Namen te naloge pa je, da kvantitativno ocenimo elastičnost modelov na spremembe nekaterih ključnih parametrov. V tej nalogi sem analiziral občutljivost parametrov, ki so bili v dokumentaciji HDM-4 modela razvrščeni v I. razred.

  • Author: Ahmed Farhad Skandary
  • Ultrasonic control of cyanobacteria in lakes and ...

    Ultrasonic control of cyanobacteria in lakes and reservoirs -7FP DRONIC-A. Krivograd Klemenčič1, M. Žitnik2, T. Eleršek3, T. Griessler Bulc1,2, L. Brandt4 1Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 2Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 3National institute of Biology, Slovenia 4LG Sonic, The Netherlands

  • Шефът на ”Техномаркет” излезе от ареста срещу 10 000 лв ...

    Шефът на ”Техномаркет” излезе от ареста срещу 10 000 лв. Софийският градски съд пусна под гаранция от 10 000 лева съоснователя на "Техномаркет" Николай Китов, който преди дни бе задържан по европейска заповед за арест

  • Engineering dreams pick up speed: news: LiU students ...

    Engineering dreams pick up speed. The members of LiU Formula Student needed a great deal of takeout and late evenings in order for them to manage to design and build a race car over a year. They’re competing with the car in the Formula Student competitions at places

  • LiUPhD - new association for PhD students: news: LiU ...

    LiUPhD - new association for PhD students. There are over 1,300 PhD students at LiU, one-third of all employees. Two PhD students at IEI thought there should be a common forum for them and started the PhD student association LiUPhD, the university’s newest association.

  • Что нельзя провозить в ручной клади?

    Aug 26, 2014  Сегодня мы поговорим о том, что категорически нельзя провозить в ручной клади в самолете, но можно без проблем провезти в багаже.

  • G350 Gabriele Windgasse 4 - Los Rios Community College ...

    The Oakland Hills Fire in 1991 destroyed or 3000 structures and 25 lives were lost within hours of the fire's start. A number of factors have been identified that significantly contributed to this tragedy:

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